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Website Design : SmartBiz

We designed a website for our client in the Business Consultancy Sector. The website design is responsive adapting content for the various screen sizes. Other services coupled with the design include SEO (Search Engine Optimization), fast content loading enabled via optimized graphics | Thembelani Grace Web and Graphic Designers Zimbabwe | 


Date:12 August 2019
Category:Website Design
Skills:Joomla,SEO,Graphic Design

Graphic Design logo

Client Logos

The various logos and concepts we created for our clients BetaCode, Hadassah Grace and Cornice  Home. The different colour themes and graphics were inspired by the customer requests and essentially the similarity with other brands in the same niche  | Thembelani Grace Web and Graphic Designers Zimbabwe |


Date:23 June 2018

Graphic Design hg

Product Animation

Product Animation

We animated products for an online shop catalog for our client in the Cosmetics sector. The product animation is mainly focused on creating an appealing scenery to the customer | Thembelani Grace Web and Graphic Designers Zimbabwe |


Date:1 February 2019
Client:Graphic Design

Graphic Design Zimbabwe

Video Animation

High resolution video animation for a Web and Graphic design company  | Thembelani Grace Web and Graphic Designers Zimbabwe |


Date:1 June 2014
Client:Thembelani Grace
Category:Animation,Graphic design
Skills:Adobe illustrator

Graphic Design nivheda poster

Nivedha Meals

Nivedha Meals Promotion

We created a poster for a promotion that was enacted by our client in the Events Management sector, Nivedha. The color theme of the graphic visual is centered on the right color therapy or balance, "red" in this case  induces hunger. As a result the graphic design is main focused on creating an appetite on the customer hence creating leads and sales for our client |Thembelani Grace Web & Graphic designers Zimbabwe|


Date:1 August 2019
Category:Graphic Design


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